CCTV management

Osprey provides facilities to integrate with analogue and digital CCTV systems, allowing images to be extracted and published as required. Osprey has the ability for individual camera locations to appear on the map interface and for the user to bring up live streamed footage for a camera or to display the camera images in the Web Client, a website or other mobile device.

Integration of a CCTV system can be implemented in two ways.

  1. If the CCTV system can provide an IP connection over which images can be streamed, this can be utilised. Control commands can be sent to the matrix allowing the required images to be retrieved.
  2. Where such a digital connection is not possible, an interface can still be achieved. A PC with a frame grabbing video card can be used to capture images from a dedicated feed from the video matrix. Adapter software can be used to send commands to the matrix to allow switching between cameras. In this way, images from selected cameras can be captured. In either case, captured images may be static or streamed.

CCTV cameras are displayed as icons on the map display. Selection of a camera will result in the display of the current image from that camera. CCTV images can be made available in the Web Client and they may be published on a website. Authorised parties may also be granted secure access to sensitive or streamed images while blocking such images from public access.