Event Management

Osprey provides an Event management facility to allow the input of planned events such as football matches, fairs, parades or roadworks. Unplanned events, such as accidents and incidents on the network, can also be managed. The map based user interface provides an icon driven display of events centred on an Ordnance Survey style map of the area under consideration. The event data is also presented to the operator in text based format. This provides a tabular list of events with updates being indicated by a red coloured bar.

Event Management provides:

  • Icons representing the location and nature of event, selected from the predefined list of system Events
  • The ability to interact with the map based display, for example, double-clicking on an event will bring up a dialog window which allows the editing of selected event information e.g. duration, description, and status
  • The ability to control the display of this information by turning on/off data layers, e.g. turn off the display of particular events, allowing the display to be de-cluttered
  • Future events can be entered and will displayed when the event becomes current
  • A display which can be configured to show only current events, future events or a combination of both
  • Events display filtered according to road class
  • The ability to enter ‘Unlocated’ events – enter event details without a precise location. This can later be located once further information is received