UTC integration

Osprey: Control can provide a full integration with Urban Traffic Control (UTC) systems. With the provision of an appropriate adapter from the UTC supplier, Osprey can receive fault and status information for each item of equipment under UTC control.

SCOOT data can also be passed. Osprey: Control will build historic profiles for flow and occupancy and coloured links will be shown on the map to denote current conditions. Historical data can also be examined.

Osprey: Control can also send commands, including core UTC commands as well as macros, to the UTC. This can be achieved automatically by the Strategy Manager, or manually using menu actions. The system provides operators with the ability to configure the UTC commands which can be associated with each item of equipment.

In addition to sending and receiving data from the UTC, Osprey: Control can also provide user interface integration, allowing operators to seamlessly move from the user interface to the native UTC interface. Invoking a command from the user interface will result in the output from the native application being displayed.

As well as integrating with UTC systems, Osprey: Control can provide full integration with Remote Monitoring Systems (RMS) with provision of an additional adapter from the RMS supplier.