VMS management

Osprey provides full VMS sign management functionality for UTMC compliant VMS signs, allowing strategic and car park message signs to be fully utilised. Osprey stores data relating to available sign legends and allows the operator to select from these pre-defined legends. Osprey also allows the operator to select a particular VMS sign, or group of VMS signs and display the required sign legend. It will also store historical information about VMS settings, faults and any static details associated with each sign within the common database.

Implementation of VMS legend displays can be the result of:

  • Car park monitoring data request (from car park management component)
  • Timetable control
  • Strategy Management trigger
  • Reaching a user defined threshold
  • Operator override

Sign settings are derived from a library of messages. Messages can contain either contain fixed text, or dynamic information such as car park occupancy, current journey times or current environmental readings (e.g. temperature).

Each message is assigned a priority level (user configurable) and this is used to prioritise the more important strategic message displays over the general driver information displays. Osprey is fully capable of driving free text signs as well as pictogram capable signs.