osprey-informOsprey: Inform provides the tools to support outreach to the public and enable cross-organisation data sharing.

A wide range of public website options are available, from simple display of dynamic information to subscription-based alert mechanisms. Osprey: Inform websites can be tailored to the sources of information available from all local and national transportation providers appropriate to, and available in, specific areas.

Typical information provided includes:

  • Roadworks, accidents incidents, events
  • Journey time information
  • Car park information, including live occupancy information
  • CCTV images showing live travel conditions

Smartphone apps for a range of devices are also available, allowing easy access to data for the public while on the move. Apps typically provide an interactive map showing traffic and travel information. Data is retrieved from Osprey: Control, or any UTMC compliant database. Alternatively, other sources of real-time data, such as DATEXII feeds may be utilised.

Osprey: Inform provides an Open Data Service (ODS) suite allowing authorised users to access data held within Osprey: Control, enabling consumers and app developers to use the information for their own purposes.

The module optionally includes a real-time display screen capability, providing access in public spaces. Osprey: Inform can be used to help meet the Tra 05 assessment criteria under BREEAM.